If Barbara Streisand Can Do It, Why Can’t Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Hill reports that the Washington Post story on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s diva-ish actions was FAKE NEWS. Big surprise!

The Hill‘s Joe Concha writes, “A veteran State Department reporter is throwing cold water on a bombshell report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson instructed some staff members ‘not to speak to him directly — or even make eye contact.’ The Washington Post’s Thursday story portrays Tillerson as a reclusive figure who is ‘isolated, walled off from the State Department’s corps of bureaucrats in Washington and around the world.'”

So Concha went to Twitter to get the real scoop, citing Associated Press chief diplomatic writer Matt Lee, “This is not true and people repeating it are making it more difficult to address very real issues.”

Even if it had been true, so what! If Barbara Streisand can do it, why can’t our Cabinet officials! They should have to back out of the room!




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